Spending Dave Ramsey’s money

Dave Ramsey home net worth venture capitalAround 3,600 Google searches are made for “Dave Ramsey net worth” every month.  There are over 1,300 combined monthly Google searches for “Dave Ramsey’s house” and “Dave Ramsey house.”  A lot of people are awfully curious about Dave Ramsey’s wealth and Dave Ramsey’s home.   As ridiculous as that is, I’m going to take it a step further: I’m going to offer Dave advice on how to spend his money.

Let’s get something out of the way before we proceed.  Dave Ramsey doesn’t need my advice, and he certainly hasn’t asked for it.  He’s a fabulously successful businessman.  I’m a…well…I’m no Dave Ramsey, and that’s okay.

But here’s the thing.  I think Dave Ramsey is uniquely positioned to do something that few other people can do.  Making this move would bring him even more success, and it could be a huge boon for the greater Nashville area (on a side note, what would we call our region if we became a hotbed for entrepreneurs?  Honky Tonk Valley?).

So…what is it?   How would I advise Dave to spend his money?

I think Dave Ramsey should start a boutique venture capital firm.

Crazy?  Maybe.  But think about it.

  • He’s got a knack for spotting business opportunities and finding ways to monetize them.
  • EntreLeadership has given Mr. Ramsey direct access to a huge pool of hungry, hard-working, talented entrepreneurs.
  • He probably has the financial means to make this happen.
  • Such a venture (combined with a business incubator program) could give his brightest employees a reason to stick around. Many of them are hard-working, entrepreneurial types who—if they heed Dave’s own advice—will probably otherwise move on to other ventures and leave The Lampo Group.

Does Dave Ramsey need to do this?  Probably not.  He has lots of irons in lots of fires…and the whole “Financial Peace” platform is a cash cow.  But it sure would bring some fresh energy to his brand and his company.  And from a legacy standpoint, this would be a great way to ensure that Lampo lives on (through dozens of smaller start-ups) long after Dave Ramsey is gone.

(Andrew Magill took the photo in this post.  I’m using it via a Creative Commons license.)

Buying less stuff, and the value of common sense

Do you have people in your life who consistently stun you with common sense?  Bill Burgess is one of those people for me.  Our families spent some time together today, and he left me with this gem.


“What’s your latest tip for saving money?”


“I’ve just started buying less stuff.”


   …     [Silent, wondering why people (including myself) don’t try this more often.]

For those of you who hire or manage teams…do you hire and value employees who don’t over-complicate matters?  Simple can be good.