Has Kmart just stopped trying?

I found myself in Kmart the other day.

That doesn’t really happen a lot.

I was picking up an item that I’d purchased online, and that process required me to walk all the way back to their old layaway counter.  (On a side note…retail stores, please try to make the pickup of online orders as fast and convenient as possible; your survival is at stake.)  As I was trekking through the store, I looked up and saw this sign:

Kmart stopped trying or given up

And it made me wonder…has Kmart just stopped trying?

I have fond childhood memories of the Kmart in my hometown—back in those days they still had a cafeteria which served up a pretty tasty sandwich.  So I’m not rooting for Kmart’s demise, necessarily.  I’m just not sure how this sign can exist in 2014.  It looks exactly like the kind of sign that would appear in a music shop in an episode of Saved By the Bell—I can just see Jessie Spano coming here to check out the latest boombox or pick up a cassette tape for A.C. Slater.

If you’re a business or non-profit, don’t neglect your signage.  Signs communicate a lot to your customers (even if that message is, “We’ve pretty much given up.”).  And of course, feel free to contact me if you’re wondering what to say on your signs or how to say it.


Update (1/24/14):  My brother Trey just sent me this photo, which he snapped today inside of a Kmart in Smyrna, Tennessee.  So I didn’t just walk into the one Kmart store that hadn’t updated its signage since the early 1990s.  This is widespread.  Even worse, it appears to be intentional.  At least they’re being consistent with their messaging (yes, I’m looking for a bright side)?

Kmart signage


Update (8/1/14):  The Kmart in which I originally spotted this sign is now closed forever. I don’t think anyone who shopped there is surprised.