Hilarious Nest thermostat review

Nest thermostat review

This Nest thermostat review is over a year old, but it’s pretty fantastic.

 “If you value your marriage you will not trust your AC to a beta product.”

My guess is that this story sounds vaguely familiar if you’re a married man and you’ve ever found yourself leading a rapidly-deteriorating home improvement project.

“I should have listened to my wife. Honey, you were right. As you often are. I’m sorry. There, I said it.”

Hopefully the botched Nest installation didn’t fatally wound this gentleman’s marriage.

“Buy a thermostat in 100 degree weather and it doesn’t work, you have a possible divorce on your hands.”

Regardless…kudos to him for giving legitimate product feedback in an amusing way.


If you’re in a position to make customer service decisions, read the end of this one-star review.  Nest eventually refunded the customer both the cost to install and uninstall their product, but it took over two hours to arrive at that decision.  My guess is that they could’ve avoided this negative review altogether by agreeing to the refund when it was first requested.  Granted, you can’t exactly stroke checks to every customer who isn’t 100% satisfied, but it begs the question: what’s the dollar value of escaping a poor product review?

Santa’s inventory problem

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