A men’s pancake breakfast

Many people have asked if I’m still doing freelance writing and marketing work on the side. The answer is, “Yes, absolutely.” However, I recently went on staff full-time with WellSpring Christian Church, and (as with any new job) it’s been keeping me pretty busy. So I’ve become a bit more selective about the freelance projects I take…and (unfortunately) I’m not updating my website as often as I’d like.  I’m vowing to do better, of course 😉 .

Being on staff with a church isn’t like most people assume it to be. It depends on the church, I suppose, but I happen to work with people who are creative, intelligent, and fun. And I have the freedom to do some unique things.

Take this men’s pancake breakfast, for example. My friends Phil Armenia and Kevin Robinson hosted a guys’ pancake breakfast for a while and named it “ManCakes” (which, in itself, is pretty hilarious). Anyway, they decided to resurrect the pancake breakfast after a long hiatus, and Phil had the great idea of shooting an intense promotional video for this intentionally laid-back event. We batted around a few ideas, and I sat down soon thereafter and wrote a short script and some scene ideas. I invited some of my best friends in the world to the video shoot, and Joshua Briggs filmed it all. Mr. Briggs edited everything into this fantastic pancake breakfast promotional video, and he also recorded my buddy Ryan Whitten‘s awesome voiceover.

The finished product turned out even better than I expected. The lesson, I guess, is that promoting something as seemingly simple as a men’s pancake breakfast can be fun and effective if you go about it the right way. Oh, and by the way, I’m also in this video. If you’re wondering which guy I am, here’s a clue: the inside of my ear was still sticky from pancake syrup even after a shower.

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  1. Larry Halbert

    scary. just plain scary.

    I would say that I know several of these guys, but this is a public forum and I have a reputation to protect–such as it is.


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