Trying to predict the future of frozen yogurt…three years ago

I was wrapping up my M.B.A. studies at Western Kentucky University in July of 2010.  One of the last papers I wrote in that program was a strategic analysis of Sweet CeCe’s Frozen Yogurt & Treats.  When I wrote the paper, frozen yogurt was THE hottest dessert craze.  And that made me wonder how Sweet CeCe’s would fare if and when the public’s infatuation with frozen yogurt began to wane.

My analysis is embedded below.  Fast-forward to pages 10-12 if you want to see what I recommended back in July of 2010.  Spoiler alert: I recommended opening for breakfast (self-dispensed cereal, steel cut oats, and do-it-yourself Belgian waffles), adding Keurig machines, and strengthening ties to the local community.  I still tend to think most of it is pretty solid advice, even though some of it may seem off-the-wall.  What do you think?

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