About me personally

Scott Hancock of It's Just Plain Genius in Spring Hill, TN

If we meet, I’ll look like this.

Hi, I’m Scott Hancock. I’ve been married to my extraordinary wife, Katie, since 2003.  We have two children—a boy and a girl—and I look forward to seeing them every evening when I get home from work.  We live in Spring Hill, Tennessee; I think it’s the greatest city in the world (no offense, NYC, Paris, or London), and I try to convince everyone to relocate to my ZIP code.

I follow Jesus. I look for inspiration from the original Creator. Most of my current hobbies fall into the Jeopardy category of “Things you can do with your kids” (riding bikes, playing catch, wrestling, and reading books). Sometimes my wife and I get to eat a nice dinner and enjoy a good movie with each other, and that’s wonderful. At some point in the next five to sixty years, I’d like to learn to play guitar.

About me professionally

I’ve worked in sales and marketing since before I had a driver’s license. As a high school and college student, I worked a cash register in a discount store, walked the sales floors of clothing and shoe shops, manned a sunglasses kiosk in the mall, and waited tables at a pretty average restaurant.

I learned quickly that I loved learning about people, figuring out their wants and needs, and matching them with a product or service. As a freshman in college, I discovered that you can get a degree in that field…it’s called marketing!  I earned my Bachelor’s of Business Administration (with a marketing major) and graduated at the top of my class.

Since then, I’ve worked in various sales and marketing positions in the music and magazine industries (if you want details, you can view my LinkedIn profile).  Seeking to gain a more comprehensive view of business, I earned my Master’s of Business Administration degree in 2010 and again graduated at the top of my class.

I’ve never been a guy who dreamed of starting his own company.  But in 2013, the number of requests I was receiving for advice, input, and collaboration finally justified the launch of an official consulting business.  That’s what led you to this website.  If you’re wondering what I may be able to do for your business or nonprofit, check out the “Services Offered” page.

About my company name and logo

First, a disclaimer: I’m not attempting to promote myself as a genius. “It’s just plain genius” (the phrase) captures the magic of coming up with and executing a brilliant idea.It's Just Plain Genius---copywriting and social media marketing

I trust Kevin Robinson and love his design work, so I hired him to create my logo.  Here are some of the main elements of it, and what they represent:

  • Gears represent the creative process and the execution of ideas.
  • The conversation bubble inside the smaller gears represents two-way dialogue.  Ideas are born through interaction.  And a good idea often becomes a brilliant idea as we talk through it and bounce ideas off each other.
  •  The giant exclamation mark built into the main gear represents the excitement of landing on that “genius” idea and bringing it to life.

Kudos to Kevin for helping me capture all of this without relying on a light bulb image, which seemed like the obvious choice.