Redbox and Severe Weather

Redbox weather targeted promotions

I just got a rent-one-get-one-free promotional code via text from Redbox, and it expires tonight.  This wouldn’t ordinarily be noteworthy…but my region just so happens to be expecting snow and ice tomorrow night.  Maybe this is a mass offer that they sent to everyone in their “receive-promotional-offers-by-text” list. But how crazy (and smart) would it be if some savvy Redbox employee kept an eye on severe weather forecasts and sent targeted text offers to those area codes?  I have to admit that the idea of being snowed in with a stack of new movie releases is pretty alluring, and Redbox is now top-of-mind if I want to make sure I’m prepared for the worst.

There’s another wrinkle here, too.  This offer expires tonight, but the bad weather is forecasted for tomorrow evening.  So the conspiracy theorist in me also wonders if Redbox is hoping that tens of thousands of us in the Southeast will rent two movies tonight…then find ourselves unable to return them the following night due to a freak ice storm.  Late fees are a good thing for Redbox, right?

Again…it’s possible that I’m dreaming all of this up, and that Redbox doesn’t target offers based on weather forecasts.  But if they don’t use this technique, they probably should.

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