Odd celebrity endorsements. Or, “The Shaq-approved Android tablet.”

I recently read Martin Lindstrom’s Brandwashed (which is excellent).  He has an interesting chapter in the book about celebrity endorsements…which means, of course, that I’m now noticing them everywhere.  Anyway, I just found Shaquille O’Neal’s endorsement for the Monster M7 Dual Core Tablet, and it’s just too good not to share.

In case you were wondering, Shaq is indeed qualified to endorse a tablet.  As you can see, Shaq is impressed by all of the things that the Monster M7 tablet allows you to do.  I know what you’re thinking: “Wouldn’t a multi-millionaire own an iPad or the latest and greatest Samsung Galaxy Note?”  But you are incorrect.  Shaq is thrilled with his bargain-priced Monster M7.  (Trivia question: What record is Shaq listening to via his Monster M7 tablet(s) and headphones?  Trivia answer: The plantinum-selling “Shaq Diesel,” of course.)

Monster M7 tablet endorsed by Shaq

If you’re still not convinced, you may be interested to know that this tablet provides you with fun. Epic fun. And Shaq knows all about fun, professional basketball, being an American icon, and spelling the word “colours” like a Beatle. (Tip: the only thing more fun than owning one tablet is owning the same tablet in eight different colors.)

Monster M7 tablet endorsed by Shaq

Just know that owning the Monster M7 carries its risks.  Like Shaq, you may well be mobbed by a ruthless gang of pre-teen boys.  If they’re doing this to a 7′ 1″ former pro athlete who tips the scales at over 320 lbs, imagine what they’ll do to you.

Monster M7 tablet endorsed by Shaq

So…what are the takeaways here?

1)  Celebrity endorsements don’t work so well when they’re awkward, staged, and difficult to believe.

2)  Don’t just throw money at a well-known celebrity and expect his/her endorsement to make your product fly off the shelf.

3)  Being a former NBA star with a winning smile must be very lucrative.

4)  If Shaq reads this and gets angry with me, this could be my last blog post.  Please tell my wife and children that I loved them very much.

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